WODs+Sun+Coffee+Relaxation=My weekends

I am the type of person that lives for the weekends.  I work to live, definitely not the other way around.  By the time Thursday comes around, there’s a mental battle that takes place in my head because I naturally want to start “checking out” of work and “in” to my weekend plans.  Most of the time, I purposely don’t make any plans because I love routines.  My weekend routine is what pushes me to get through the week.  My weekends always end up being the most glorious two days of the week.  Ok, ok, since you’re dying to know, I’ll let you in on my routine…just don’t tell too many people, they may become jealous;-):

Friday night: WOD after work and Sushi date with my hubby.  This is our time to actually take a breath and talk about our weeks, catch up on anything we haven’t shared with each other and dig in to some amazing, custom-made sushi rolls at our favorite restaurant, Mikuni in Roseville.  Why is it our favorite place?  We’ve been going there for so long now that is has that “Cheers” feel (where everybody knows your name).  Right when we walk in, the hostesses great us with big smiles “Welcome back!  Sushi bar for Rosey and Andrew, right?”  We always laugh and say “Yep!  You know it!”  It has become our Friday night tradition and as silly as it may sound, I cherish those dates, they’re the best!  Is sushi “paleo”, you ask?  Not the kind we order!  What’s a life if you can’t live a little? **Pictures to come

Saturdays: Early morning sweat sesh with Andrew in our garage and the heat and then a TASTY breakfast!  After that we like to sit outside at our friend’s coffee shop and drink Almond Milk Lattes or Iced Pour Overs.  Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it…it’s almost coffee time.  We bring Ari with us everywhere on the weekends since he’s in his crate most of the day while we are at work during the week.  People always stop us to pet him, or come up to him and say “oh my goodness, well aren’t you just a beautiful pup!”  We people watch and walk around local outdoor shopping malls, etc.  We love going to Jack’s Urban Eats and getting big salads for lunch and we will normally eat something simple that night from Whole Foods, or buy something simple to make.  Saturday nights tend to be “dessert night,” too.  I’m sure I will keep you posted on my indulgences:-)

Sundays:  These days are bittersweet because you know it’s still the weekend, but Monday is lurking right around the corner!  We’ll go to church, out to lunch, we’ll get coffee mid-afternoon and do our grocery shopping for the week.  I spend my Sunday nights doing laundry, prepping my meals and cutting veggies for my week.  If I fail to prep my meals, I will regret it come Monday morning.  Sometimes we will get a good pre-dinner WOD in or an active recovery, either way, we like to be active as much as possible on the weekends since Andrew and I both have desk jobs.  Ugh.  Then we like to make a delicious dinner and watch a couple movies!

It’s an exciting weekend!  Full of craziness and activities you could hardly keep up with this post, right?!  Haha!  I love my weekends more than you know and now you know my routine:-)

Saturday Morning WOD:

WarmUp:  12min EMOM Partner Bear Complex

3RFT: 40 DU’s, 30 Overhead Walking Lunges (25#plate), 20 KBS (1 POOD), 10 Hand-release Push-ups.

Row WOD: 15min time cap- 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest.

Cashout: 30 Figure 8’s with KB (1 POOD) **I discovered this movement from fellow Blogger http://www.petiteathleat.com/ 

Post-WOD Breakfast: Paleo Pancakes and Bacon *Recipe section coming soon!

On a side note, I apologize my blog isn’t all snazzy yet, I’m still working on it!  I’m thinking about how many sections I want to create, what’s cool, what’s not, you know…

Well friends, it’s been real!  Have a fabulous Saturday and stay active!