Athletic Inspiration

What inspires you?  

Do you ever watch someone you know, or don’t know for that matter, and become motivated simply because their actions are powerful?  

Do pictures or quotes pull at your heartstrings?

What do you turn to in order to become inspired and motivated to make changes in your life?

For myself, it’s a mixture of a lot of things, but at the moment (and for a while now) it’s an incredible CrossFit athlete, Andrea Ager.


 What is it about this young woman that inspires me so much?  Where do I begin!?  First and foremost, her athletic ability is out of this world.  She’s so dynamic in her strengths!  From running, to swimming, to endurance WODs, to olympic lifting, the list goes on!  More importantly, her mental drive is just something else…she just keeps going!  Stopping, slowing down, or giving up is not an option for her.  She truly sees every challenge as an opportunity to smile and give it her all.  She prides herself on being the best athlete, role model and person she can possibly be at all times and she does it in the most humble way possible.  I’ve watched countless YouTube videos of her WODs and interviews and each time I can’t help but notice that she radiates joy, energy, positivity, laughter and healthy competition.  She is a woman with character and integrity that truly inspires me to be a better athlete.  

Did I mention she has a heart for the Lord?  That’s where her joy comes from and you can see it in her actions and her training.  

When I want to give up mid-WOD, or cry when I am trying to learn a new skill and just can’t get it, I try to remember that training is supposed to be fun and make me a better person overall…and to know that it’s ok to not be perfect!  I’m a work in progress though, I don’t have it figured out yet:-)

What you probably don’t know about me is that I’ve completely transformed my life, from the inside out starting 2 years ago.  Being active was not a priority in my life, I was l-a-z-y, to the max!  That’s why I still struggle to have a positive attitude in my training regimen these days, because sometimes I’d rather be sitting on my butt after I come home from a 10-12 hour work day and enjoy a glass of wine (daaaaang, that sounds delish!).  BUT that’s not going to make me feel better about myself, give me the body I want OR help me to present the best version of myself to the people who are closest to me.  So, that’s why I look to people who have strong athletic ability, a joyful presence about them and great work ethic in order to be my inspiration when I am struggling to push myself harder!  

With that said, my dog (Ari) was sitting in the garage with me yesterday while I was doing the “strength” portion of my WOD and he would not stop barking at our neighbors!  Well, I am not that person who lets their dog behave terribly, I want to be respectful of my neighbors, so my workout was cut short and I was bummed about it. So today I decided that I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of my training!  I got a good one in, this was my workout today:

1) 12 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute):  1 Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + 3 barbell pushups

2) WOD: 21,18,15,12,9,3,1 1.5 POOD Kettle Bell Swings, in between each set, 7 pull-ups+20 Double Unders.

3) Mobility-stretch it out!

With all that said, the quote below has been my rock!  When I came across it on someone’s Instagram page, I fell in love and it hit me so hard my heart skipped a beat.  I hope it inspires you, too!